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This week's critical deadline

This week, Washington State's fundraising freeze goes into effect. That means I can't raise money until the end of the legislative session, which will last until mid-April and maybe longer.

I'm on the ballot in 2020, and the special interests on the far-right who think they can rig the system and buy elected officials will be coming after me. So will Trump's big-money friends.

Watch our year-end video! Let's keep up the fight. Chip in $3 before this week's fundraising deadline.

I'm fired up because, this year, we:

  • Took on Donald Trump's illegal actions and defended Washington values – and won.
  • Prosecuted big polluters.
  • Unraveled a rigged system in corporate franchises, helping millions of low-wage workers across the country.
  • Fought for women's rights and won the largest civil rights penalty for Washington state in history on behalf of women farmworkers who experienced traumatic sexual harassment and retaliation from their employer.
  • Took on the gun lobby and won, as the voters passed a great package of gun safety reforms last month.

This is just the beginning.

We still have so much work to do. We still have a president who attacks our core values and disregards the law and Constitution. Powerful interests still want to break the rules and get away with it.

I can't raise grassroots donations starting in a few days, but the special interests that want to see me gone can raise as much as they want. I need you to fuel our team!

Chip in $3 now! Watch the video and let's grow this movement together.


Posted on December 10, 2018.