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President Trump just escalated his attacks on our transgender neighbors

The president recently declared his intention to deny the existence of our transgender friends, family members, and neighbors. By changing the legal definition of gender, Donald Trump plans to take away the rights of transgender individuals, legalizing discrimination.

Sign the petition: Tell the Trump administration to stop the attacks against transgender Americans.

I will continue to fight discrimination against transgender Washingtonians.

Washington was the first state to challenge President Trump's attempt to ban transgender individuals from serving our country in the military. In one of our 15 legal victories against the Trump Administration, we've thus far successfully blocked that discriminatory, irrational, and unlawful policy. Thanks to legal challenges, transgender service members can continue to defend our country and our values.

But these lawsuits aren't over, and the fight continues.

Join me in standing up for our transgender neighbors. Please sign this petition to stand up to President Trump's discrimination.

Together, we can send a powerful message that Americans won't stand for these attacks on our neighbors, friends, and family.


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Posted on November 27, 2018.