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Speak Up for Vote by Mail

Despite increased threats, Congress is refusing to take critical steps to improve the cybersecurity of our elections.

Fortunately, Washington is leading the way with vote-by-mail. Postage-paid vote-by-mail is working here in Washington. Mail-in ballots are unhackable and allow people to vote at their convenience.

It's time to take it nationwide.

Please sign this petition and join the growing movement calling for national vote-by-mail.

People should not have to wait in long lines to vote.

We should be looking for ways to make voting easier, not harder.

We must protect the integrity of our democracy by ensuring our elections are secure.

Tell Congress: follow Washington state's lead and expand postage-paid vote-by-mail nationwide.

Remember to vote by mail by Tuesday, November 6!


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Posted on November 4, 2018.