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Sign the petition: stop Trump's attack on the Clean Power Plan

Once again, Donald Trump is putting corporate polluters before the health of our communities. This time, he's attacking the Clean Power Plan.

We're fighting back. Sign the petition to tell Donald Trump's EPA to keep the Clean Power Plan!

Earlier this month, scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued their strongest warnings yet that we're running out of time to stop runaway climate change.

But instead of taking urgent action to save our environment, the Trump administration is siding with Big Oil and Big Coal and trying to take us backwards.

Trump is attacking President Obama's Clean Power Plan, which would have reduced carbon emissions by nearly 20 percent by 2030. Instead, Trump has offered a plan that would actually make hazardous air pollution worse: according to his own Environmental Protection Agency's calculations, Trump's action will lead to 1,400 premature deaths.

I've helped defend Obama's Clean Power Plan in court against attacks from Big Oil and Big Coal. And I won't hesitate to defend it from the Trump administration.

Stand with me! Sign the petition against Trump's rollback of the Clean Power Plan.

I know something about holding the Trump administration accountable: I've had to take them to court more than thirty times. I'm 14-0 so far. Recently, I've been working with attorneys general from other states to take the strongest possible legal action against Trump's attack on the Clean Power Plan.

We need you with us in this fight. The EPA can't put Trump's changes into effect until after the public gets a chance to make its voice heard. We need as many people as possible speaking out before the public comment period closes on October 31.

Sign the petition: tell Donald Trump and the EPA to put public health and the planet ahead of industry profits and keep the Clean Power Plan.


Posted on October 28, 2018.