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Sexual assault survivors deserve justice

The president mocks sexual assault survivors. We must be better than that. We must all work to make it easier for survivors of rape and sexual assault to come forward.

And yet, across the country, hundreds of thousands of sexual assault kits that could provide important DNA evidence are shelved, untested.

Recently, my office inventoried Washington state's unsubmitted sexual assault kits and found more than 6,000 untested kits in the evidence rooms of local law enforcement agencies.

That's more than 6,000 stories with unanswered questions in Washington State alone.

Testing backlogged kits will identify rapists, sexual abusers, and link homicide cases across the country.

That's why I'm committed to doing everything I can to eliminate Washington state's backlog of untested sexual assault kits.

I am putting together a team to assist in processing the backlogged sexual assault kits. We are supporting law enforcement agencies as they use the newfound information to reopen cold cases. And we are providing victim-centered training to law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim advocates.

Sexual assault victims and their families deserve justice.

Sign the petition telling Congress to make sure every sexual assault kit is tested.

The brave survivors who come forward to report rape and assault deserve every effort toward justice we can make on their behalf.


Posted on October 20, 2018.