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Fighting for those willing to fight for us

My late father was a veteran. Both my grandfathers were veterans, and many of my uncles served in World War II.

As Attorney General, I launched an initiative to defend the rights of our veterans and service members. I'm proud of the work my office has done to serve those who've served us.

Here's a quick update on recent successes:

  • My office investigated and uncovered rampant housing discrimination against veterans with disabilities. No veteran should be denied a roof over their head. I'll hold accountable those who discriminate against veterans.

  • We cracked down on nefarious charities that misled donors with claims of benefiting veterans when, in fact, the money was not used to support veterans. I've filed two lawsuits charging Healing Heroes Network and Fallen Hero Bracelets with deceptive charitable solicitations.

  • After President Trump disrespected transgender service members by trying to keep them from serving, I filed a lawsuit. Afterwards, a federal judge in Seattle halted President Trump's military transgender ban, allowing transgender individuals to continue to serve our country. This is a deeply important victory for our values and our country. Barring brave patriots from serving based on anything other than ability is wrong. Period.

  • Through legislation, I've increased protections for our veterans and service members. I drafted, introduced, and helped pass multiple bills to improve consumer protections for veterans. I didn't just pass this legislation, I'm putting it into action. I recently took legal action against a towing company that unlawfully sold a service member's car. I'll continue to enforce these important protections.

"Support" means action. My office will never stop fighting to make sure that those who protect our freedoms are respected and given all that they deserve.

Bob Ferguson

Posted on September 25, 2018.