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I will always stand up for women's rights.

Reproductive rights are under attack across the country. Since 2010, states have passed over 330 restrictions on access to family planning.

This anti-choice movement has left 90% of American counties without facilities that provide abortion care.

The Trump Administration is trying to restrict women's health care choices even further – without regard to women's civil rights or the law.

Democratic Attorneys General successfully halted the Trump Administration's attempt to eliminate guaranteed coverage for contraceptives. Trump has appealed our legal victory, and we're taking him to the Supreme Court.

Sadly, that's only the beginning.

This past week, we watched President Trump's Supreme Court nominee duck questions about his anti-choice views.

Make no mistake: the stakes couldn't be higher for women's health. The march to roll back women's rights nationwide is headed for a legal battle at the Supreme Court.

I'm here to tell you, unequivocally: I will always stand for the right to choose, and will fight to protect the legal rights of Washington women to make their own reproductive choices.


Posted on September 13, 2018.