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I'm asking for your help

Across the country, powerful special interests like the gun lobby and the oil and chemical industries are spending tens of millions of dollars to knock Democratic Attorneys General out of office.

Democratic Attorneys General have become a critical constitutional backstop in defense of our values and the rule of law in the Trump era. In response, a record amount of dark money is being spent against the Democratic AGs up for re-election.

Now we're hearing reports that there's no Attorney General in this country that they'd rather take out than me.

Those reports don't surprise me.

On Monday, I blocked the gun lobby's dangerous agenda to allow everyone – including felons and domestic violence abusers – access to undetectable, untraceable 3D-printed guns.

Last week, I pledged to defend our air and our climate by challenging Trump's proposal to gut the Clean Power Plan.

Days earlier, I stopped the Trump administration's attempt to gut the life-saving Chemical Disaster Rule to advance the interests of the oil and chemical industry.

As Attorney General, I'm holding powerful special interests that break the rules accountable. I've always known the powerful interests would strike back.

Now they're coming. I'm asking you to help me be prepared.

Please donate before the critical fundraising deadline coming up on Friday.

I work on behalf of the people, not corporate special interests, and I'm not accepting any corporate PAC money.

That's why I need your help. We still need to raise $4,556 by Friday's deadline. Can you chip in right now?

Thank you for standing with me.


Posted on August 29, 2018.