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We need a doctor

I use the law as a tool to shield Washingtonians from the rogue cruelty of Donald Trump. As Attorney General, I blocked President Trump's rescission of DACA and his transgender military ban, allowing Dreamers and our transgender friends and neighbors to live and serve without fear of attacks.

But with a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, these legal victories may not last.

We need a Congress that will do its job and stand up to President Trump — which is why I'm excited to stand behind Dr. Kim Schrier. Dr. Schrier is fighting to take on Donald Trump's hand-picked candidate, Dino Rossi, in the 8th District.

Experts have called the 8th District a "must-win" seat for Democrats to retake the majority.

Dr. Kim Schrier is the partner we need in D.C. to continue to fight for the rights of all Washingtonians, but she's got a tough race ahead of her. Can I count on you to join me in supporting Dr. Schrier for Congress by making a contribution now?

The question, "What will Trump do next?" is always looming — and with his anti-choice, anti-immigrant, and anti-gay agenda, Dino Rossi will champion whatever cruel and unlawful policy Donald Trump throws at us.

I will continue to stand up for justice, equality, and the rule of law — but we need a Congress willing to stand for these same values. The first step to making that happen is taking the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives this November.

Dr. Kim Schrier will serve as a critical check on Donald Trump's reckless agenda - so please, join me by supporting her and make a contribution now.

Thank you,


Posted on August 18, 2018.