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We're changing corporate practices nationwide

Want an example of a rigged system?

Imagine you work at Jimmy John's. But you need more income. You know there's an opening at another Jimmy John's closer to where you live, so you apply, seeking a small raise due to your experience.

They won't even consider your application. Why? Because of a "no-poach" clause between corporate headquarters and the franchise. A clause you did not know about is impeding your ability to pursue the American Dream.

That used to be the case. That is, until I made them change their corporate practices nationwide.

So-called "no-poach" clauses restrict worker mobility and put downward pressure on wages, making it even harder for workers to escape the cycle of poverty. These multi-billion dollar corporations employ tens of thousands of people, and they know competition for workers leads to higher wages.

This example of corporate America limiting opportunity for low-wage workers got our attention. We did what we always do to protect consumers and workers: we took action.

I told Jimmy John's and other fast-food companies they need to compete fairly for workers just like they compete for customers.

We negotiated legally binding agreements with seven corporations to end the restrictions, not just in Washington state, but nationwide.

Now, workers at more than 25,000 fast-food stores across the country are legally protected from "no-poach" clauses.

And I'm not done. My goal is to eliminate "no-poach" clauses impacting low-wage workers entirely.

When powerful special interests try to rig the system to hurt workers, I will hold them accountable to the rule of law.


Posted on July 24, 2018.