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We don't intend to lose this one, either

In the 79 days since Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his family separation policy, the Trump administration has torn more than 2,300 children from their families.

That's why, on Thursday, I announced that my office is leading a coalition of more than a dozen states in a lawsuit to stop the Trump administration's rogue, cruel, and unconstitutional family separation policy.

Trump clearly has no intention of ending this atrocity. His executive order that he claimed would end the cruelty does nothing to reunite the thousands of families he's ripped apart. He's now even admitted it's "totally limited."

And Congress is clearly incapable of taking meaningful action to end the horrors at the border.

Consequently, our lawsuit – which will be argued in federal court in Seattle – is potentially the best hope to defeat this outrageous policy nationally.

Sign my petition: Tell Donald Trump to reunite the families he's torn apart.

I am suing on behalf of the state of Washington because when these traumatized children are placed in our communities, the state of Washington will need to provide services to treat their trauma. Consequently, this policy will impact all Washingtonians.

I am challenging Trump's policy because it is not only cruel – it is illegal and unconstitutional. Here are two examples:

First, I have uncovered evidence the Trump administration is refusing to process the asylum claims of families who arrive at official ports of entry, seeking asylum from violence in their home countries. We have reports they are telling asylum seekers to 'go away,' and when these families try to enter another way, they are arresting and prosecuting them. So the Trump administration is intentionally turning families seeking asylum and trying to follow the rules into criminals. This is a violation of our nation's asylum laws – and we're going to put a stop to it.

Second, the constitution prohibits the government from breaking apart families without a clear, compelling government interest, such as the safety of the child. The Trump administration has not come close to demonstrating a compelling justification for their cruel policy of tearing apart families without any plan to reunite them. We will stand up for the constitution.

Since Donald Trump's inauguration, my office has been forced to sue his administration more than 25 times. So far, we've won nine cases, and lost none. We don't intend to lose this one, either.

With his brutal policy and his bad-faith executive order, Donald Trump has debased the values our country needs to hold most dear: compassion, family, justice, and a commitment to the rule of law. We won't stop fighting until the administration ends this policy and reunites the families they've torn apart.

Please sign our petition demanding the Trump administration end their unconstitutional policy – or see me in court.


Posted on June 24, 2018.