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Fighting to restore net neutrality

The FCC and the Trump Administration are attacking the open internet by repealing net neutrality protection. They want powerful special interests to act as internet gatekeepers, despite strong vocal opposition from the American people, the tech industry, and consumer advocacy groups.

So it is up to us to protect the internet, advocate for consumers, and safeguard free speech through the courts.

In January, I joined attorneys general from more than 20 states to file a lawsuit to reverse the repeal.

Tech companies including Mozilla, ETSY, and Kickstarter have also filed suit. We are moving forward and we expect to win.

Meanwhile, Washington state has stepped up to pass net neutrality at the state level. As Attorney General, I will enforce this new law. I will hold internet service providers that violate net neutrality accountable.

Stay tuned as I continue to fight for genuine internet freedom.


Posted on April 26, 2018.