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The best lawsuits are the ones I don't have to file

In February, I wrote to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to tell him that (a) I'd be thrilled if he came to Washington and joined me for a tour of our coast, and (b) if he and Donald Trump insisted on drilling for oil and gas in our coastal waters, I would sue them.

It seems Secretary Zinke got the message – half of it, anyway: this week, it became clearer that Washington would likely be withdrawn from consideration for offshore drilling – in part, he told Congress, because of Washingtonians' "passionate opposition."

We're fighting back against Donald Trump's attacks on our state. Please contribute now and stand with us!

While my office has sued the Trump administration more than 20 times – and we're undefeated so far – the best lawsuits are the ones I don't have to file.

In fact, Secretary Zinke already backed down once before, after I threatened a legal challenge if he harmed Washington's national monuments.

As long as Donald Trump packs his administration with polluters and corporate apologists, we'll have a lot of work to do to protect Washingtonians and our beautiful state. My office is ready to keep up the pressure until we're sure our coasts, our lands, our people, and our rights are safe.

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Posted on April 18, 2018.