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Protect the environment from Trump's EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency's job is to protect the environment.

And yet, under Scott Pruitt, the EPA is protecting polluters and Big Oil at the expense of our climate. In the process, he's violating the Clean Air Act, and I'm delivering on my promise to see them in court.

Last week, I filed a lawsuit charging Scott Pruitt and the EPA with breaking federal law by refusing to reduce methane emissions from oil and natural gas operations.

The very agency charged with enforcing the nation's Clean Air and Water Act is ignoring their own scientific findings that methane gas contributes even more to global warming than carbon emissions. The EPA's reckless violation of the law endangers the health of our planet.

Unfortunately, I have been forced to sue Scott Pruitt and President Trump's EPA seven times. We have scored three major legal victories that blocked Pruitt's attempts to roll back important environmental protections. We have not lost a case.

Scott Pruitt's days may be numbered at the EPA due to ethical concerns. But we know that, with or without him at the helm, if Donald Trump's EPA continues to ignore the law and ignore the protection part of the Environmental Protection Agency, they will continue to see me in court.

And we will continue defeating them.


Posted on April 11, 2018.