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I'm standing up for Washingtonians - and the powerful interests are gearing up

I am taking on powerful special interests that aren't playing by the rules – and winning.

Now these same special interests have signaled they will invest millions to defeat Democratic Attorneys General.

Please contribute $9 by today's fundraising deadline to show them I have grassroots support standing with me.

Whether they are deceiving consumers, fixing prices, cheating workers to make a profit, or concealing campaign contributions to secretly buy elections, I'm holding powerful interests that illegally harm Washingtonians accountable.

But now, the Republican Attorneys General Association has pledged it will pour millions of dollars into shady attack ads against me and other Democratic AGs who are fighting for the rule of law.

In Virginia, powerful special interests funding the Republicans have invested at least $4 million to defeat the Democratic incumbent Attorney General. What will they spend against me in Washington state?

I need to be ready.

As Attorney General, I have forced corporations to return more than $100 million of ill-gotten gains to the people of Washington state.

My office is a national leader in many areas, including the fight for our democratic values, a fair marketplace, and transparent elections – and it's no secret that special interests have put a spotlight on my race.

A corporate CEO pledged $20 million to go after incumbent Democrat Attorneys General – one month after we defeated his multimillion dollar company in court.

We can't take anything for granted. There's no limit to the amount of money they might spend.

That's why I need you standing with me. We've never had the most money, but we've always had the most grassroots support. Chip in $9 today before our end of month deadline and let's fight for our democracy!

I am not accepting campaign contributions from large corporations – and I won't be able to raise money during Washington's legislative session next year. Donate $9 today to stand with me and fight back!


Posted on October 31, 2017.