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What Elizabeth Warren and I have in common

What Elizabeth Warren and I have in common

I live in Seattle and she lives in Boston.

I'm a Mariners fan and she's a Red Sox fan.

I work in Washington state and she works in Washington D.C.

But Elizabeth Warren and I are both fighting to protect middle-class consumers from powerful special interests. A recent Fusion TV documentary highlighted the work both of us are doing to protect students from the debt trap of student loans.

I had a chance to chat with Senator Warren the other day. We talked about consumer protection and standing up to powerful interests that don't play by the rules.

Chip in now to stand with me and Elizabeth Warren.

Her work to protect Americans when Wall Street CEOs crashed our economy during the Great Recession has saved millions of dollars for working people. And her creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has saved consumers millions more.

Here in Washington, we doubled the size of our consumer protection division, holding the powerful accountable when they refuse to play by the rules. We've won big against corporations that undermine our democracy.

Donald Trump says he's going to defeat her in the next election – and those powerful special interests are lining up to take their shot. And I've got a target painted on my back by a big multi-billion-dollar corporation that's promised to spend millions to defeat me.

I'm not going to back down. Senator Warren isn't going to back down. And I know you won't back down.

Will you donate now and fight back with me and Elizabeth Warren?


Posted on September 11, 2017.